5 Best Bluetooth Projectors – 2023 Reviews

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Looking for the best Bluetooth projector? You’re in the proper place. We’ve scoured the internet that will help you compare alternatives that work pleasant for you. We’ve considered connectivity features, display types, resolution, and so much extra.

Finding the right projector isn’t rocket science however it can be extraordinarily problematic in case you don’t know where to look. We simplest ever recommend products that we in reality trust. If it’s featured right here on this page, we truly suppose it’s well worth your time and money.

So to help you discover the 5 Best Bluetooth Projectors, we’ve got compiled this review for your comfort.

5 Best Bluetooth Projectors – 2023 Reviews

1. DBPOWER L23 WIFI Projector5ES

A brilliant, sharp Bluetooth projector for a reasonable rate.

If you’re searching out something a little bigger and brighter for that matter that is a splendid way to go. The native 1920×1080p resolution is backed through a 9000-lumen bulb and a contrast ratio of 10000:1.

This makes this device appropriate for both indoor and outdoor viewing. Once you’ve established Bluetooth speakers and a Chromecast to this thing, you’re looking at a high-quality home cinema setup!

Don’t worry if you don’t have greater peripherals, though; the dual 3W speakers sound unique on their own.

The maximum display screen size of 300 inches seems incredible. Just make sure you stay within the recommended distance of around 3 meters.

Two things to mention right here:

1. The lamp life of 50,000 hours is ok but not good.

2. The keystone adjustment is only vertical.

  • Great brightness and contrast ratio.
  • Decent built-in speakers.
  • Included carrying case.
  • Surprisingly sharp for the price.
  • Vertical-only keystone adjustment.
  • Quite noisy.
  • The HDMI ports aren’t durable.

2.   BIGASUO Pro302 Projector – Editor’s Choice

In basically every class, this Bluetooth projector knocks it out of the park.

Fortunately, it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 right out of the box. While this isn’t the modern version of the technology, it’s current enough to provide an excellent connectivity range. The max display screen size of 200 inches is likewise fantastic at this price factor.

A distance between 1.5 and 2.8 meters works satisfactorily right here.

You’ll enjoy a lamp life of 65,000 hours, a unique built-in audio system, and a contrast ratio as excessive as 8000:1.

We suppose this is the perfect companion for outside or indoor film nights. The ability to attach extra peripherals like an audio system thru Bluetooth is a real Godsend. It can even project your present DVD series!

Just hold in mind that this projector doesn’t offer phone connectivity; Bluetooth is for headphones or an audio system only.

  • Fantastic price.
  • Can play your old DVDs!
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for reliable connections.
  • Great contrast ratio.
  • No smartphone connectivity.
  • Daytime projections are just ok.
  • The UI is a little clunky.

3.   FANGOR F-506 Projector

A flexible, simple-to-use Bluetooth projector.

For the honor of claiming this Bluetooth projector, you’re taking a maximum screen size of 230 inches a good ways off somewhere in the range of 1.5 and 2,8 meters, a contrast ratio of 10000:1, and a lamp life of 65,000 hours. Not bad if you ask us.

The versatility on offer right here is likewise quite something. You’ll be able to use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a plethora of various wired alternatives. The built-in stereo surround speaker sounds very well on its own, but you’ll notice a distinction after connecting your Bluetooth speaker.

The native resolution of 1920×1080 looks appreciably sharper than similar projectors at this price factor. Gaming at home? Watching nighttime films in the garden? Presenting in the office? This projector can do all of them!

  • Technical support for 2 years.
  • Very versatile.
  • Decent built-in speakers.
  • Good contrast and aspect ratios.
  • Daytime viewing is less enjoyable.
  • The fan is quite loud.
  • iOS screen mirroring is clunky.

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4.   YABER V6 Projector (Best Home Projector)

A smartphone-like-minded Bluetooth speaker that packs an entire lot of punch.

If you want to attach your phone to your projector, we assume this feature from Yaber is an outstanding way to go. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and additional IO-like USB ports, this aspect could be very well prepared.

You’re looking at a step up here in terms of display screen size too you get a max size of 300 inches and an encouraging distance between 1.2 and 4.9 meters.

Even the integrated audio system is quite decent. They’re a 3W dual stereo association a good way to sound terrific in a quiet room. Hook up your favorite Bluetooth audio system to this project, however, and also you’ll be looking at a serious home movie experience.

Whether you’re providing research at work or relaxing at home, we suppose this is a tremendous way to go. The lamp’s life of 20,000 hours is good enough, but we would have favored seeing a little more. The 4K abilities and a contrast ratio of 10000:1 make up for this in our opinion.

  • Big max screen size.
  • Smartphone connectivity via Wi-Fi.
  • 4K capable.
  • Free projector bag.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Relatively short lamp life.
  • Fan noise noticeable.
  • Not great in direct sunlight.

5. VILINICE Mini Bluetooth Projector

A lower-priced home projector with an excellent lamp life.

This VILINICE Bluetooth projector offers a lamp life of 80,000 hours, a max screen size of 240 inches, punchy 3W speakers, and a wealth of connectivity options. In short, it’s a really good buy.

This device became constructed with smartphones in mind. The integrated display mirroring alternatives appear to work thoroughly. It should be handy to throw your favorite content onto your living room wall. With the +15° keystone adjustment tool manner you’ll get the appropriate image no matter your setup.

The native resolution of 1280x720P is a hint small but it must be more than enough for an informal home entertainment experience.

  • Very affordable.
  • Great connectivity features.
  • Supports micro-SD, HDMI, and more.
  • Lamp life of 80,000 hours.
  • Just 720p (with optional upscaling).
  • Gets quite hot.
  • Can be noisy.

FAQs About Bluetooth Projectors

How to make a Projector Bluetooth?

If you’d want to make your projector Bluetooth capable, you’ll need something known as a Bluetooth receiver/transmitter. This is a small device that plugs into your projector. Once installed, you’ll be able to use your favorite headphones and the audio system simply!

The unique process wanted for set up will depend upon the brand you pick out. In general, even though, it’s very easy to do.

How does a Bluetooth projector work?

A wireless Bluetooth projector works with the help of Bluetooth technology to communicate together with your devices. This interprets the sound data from the content material you’re looking into radio waves that your headphones and audio system can apprehend. These radio waves are then converted into the song, dialogue, and specific sounds from your favorite movies!


We wish you’ve discovered the recommendations above useful. We’ve covered alternatives for a vast type of budget and requirements. Make certain that any choice you pick outcomes with the brightness and lamp existence you’re seeking out.

The brighter a lamp is, the higher chance it has of looking fantastic in your house. While all of the alternatives listed above are excellent, we think this one is especially worth the money.

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