ADATA External Hard Drive Review

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Today we’re taking a take a look at any other portable hard disk, this time from ADATA. The HD710 Pro is a strong piece of the system for the active man or woman on the cross. It doesn’t matter what you’re up to, you may convey all your records alongside and ensure that they’re stored safely in your travels. There are two exclusive bodily sizes in the HD710 Pro and it relies upon the capability preference. The smallest version is the 1TB pressure, the one I’m checking out nowadays, even as the bigger 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, and 5TB take up a little extra area.

I have pink drive in the workplace nowadays, but that’s now not the only coloration desire that you have. There are 4 to pick out Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow.

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Designed for those peoples who want rugged devices to document their adventures after which deliver the data, the HD710 PRO presents better blessings than other external hard drives in a robust and elegant enclosure at an attractive charge factor.

The HD710 Pro takes external hard drive sturdiness in addition, which is not only geared up with beyond IP68 dust and waterproof standards but additionally passes military-grade surprise proofing with triple-layered protecting construction, and is the main essential thing for people who are actively minded.

With up to 4TB potential, HD710 Pro is your quality accomplice in preserving content safe whether or not you move diving, trekking, cycling, or take a short walk.

Storing, transporting, and sharing records on the move is made smooth with HD710 PRO, which is available with up to 4TB potential and in 4 shiny colors, Black, Yellow, Blue, and Red. HD710 PRO is subsidized by way of three-year restricted assurance for fear-free possession revel in.

How good are Adata Hard Drives?

This is a decent, fast USB 3.0 external hard disk drive featuring 1 TB capacity at a bargain price. Yes, you get less than a true terabyte as the formatting of the drive uses up some space as with all disk drives. It’s plasticky, but seems solid enough.

All-Terrain Storage

ADATA’s HD710 Pro is truly a drive that can be classified as an all-terrain drive. It comes with a safety rating that exceeds the requirements of the IP68 popular. The complete safety is achieved whilst the USB connector port is sealed, that’s a given however nonetheless worth citing.

The HD710 Pro has been ruggedly examined and it can face up to being submerged in 2 meters of water for 60 minutes. That’s extra than the respectable rating given with the aid of the IPX8 rating. Dust and dirt aren’t a problem for the HD710 Pro both with an IP6X rating. There must be no ingress of dust while the USB port is included.

Triple-Layered Construction

ADATA External Hard Drive by

The motive that ADATA’s HD710 Pro has the above-stated protection is thanks to the triple-layered construction. From hard silicone on the outdoor to a surprise soaking up the buffer, it has it all. The hard plastic shell this is closest to the force itself can even preserve it firmly in the vicinity. That in itself isn’t new, but that doesn’t take anything far away from its protection and value. ADATA also went a step similarly and added a G-Shock sensor.

Special Feature: G-Shock Sensor

Many portable drives forestall at the bodily safety. However, that isn’t sufficient for ADATA. The G-Shock sensor constructed into the drive adds some other layer of safety.

The HD710 Pro’s Shock sensors will without delay forestall all driving interest if a surprise is detected. Once the vibrations have come to a cease the drive pastime resumes. Other lesser drives will maintain to perform in such conditions that may cause examine-head or floor harm inside the drive.

The built-in LED will hold you informed while it happens. It will flash red while the surprise sensor detects something.

Connection and Cabling

The power is a USB 3.1 Gen.1 (USB 3.0) drive with Type-B to Type-A cable blanketed. The nifty groove that is going across the shell is a convenient garage for the detachable cable. When you don’t use the power, without a doubt wrap the cable across the power, and also you’re geared up to head. That isn’t just useful; it also reduces the threat of disturbing cable misplacement.

The HD710 Pro is likewise backward well matched with USB 2.0, but it calls for a now not-included Y-cable for twin-host connection. At least for the 2TB and better versions. That is because of the energy consumption of such drives and the truth that it doesn’t use a dedicated external electricity delivery. USB 2.0 is virtually no longer capable of supplying enough strength thru an unmarried port.

Physical Size and Weight of the Drive

A portable drive is a bit larger than an inner drive, however no longer plenty. At least; now not in this example. The period and width are the same for all versions with 133.3 by way of 98.5mm. The top varieties rely on the capability choice. The smallest 1TB pressure is best 21.5mm thick at the same time as the larger potential options come in at 26.7mm. The drive isn’t heavy as such either. The 1TB version weights 270g while the bigger 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, and 5TB drives weight 390g.


You would in all likelihood have observed that I haven’t cited the general overall performance everywhere up till now, and there can be a motive for that. The strength doesn’t have a reliable tempo rating anywhere which I can inform you. But that isn’t terrible as that’s one of the things I do in those evaluations: take a look at the general performance. In a manner, it’s quality for me due to the fact the reviewer. I don’t need to prove or disprove a score; I get to find it myself.

ADATA External Hard Drive by

Bonus Software

ADATA has two portions of bonus software programs that work with the power and is unfastened to download: OStoGO and HDDtoGO. Otsego is the better of the two and it lets you show your Windows set up DVD into a USB set up. That isn’t new and there are lots of apps that may do this, however, it’s constantly excellent to have. I’m certain that there are pretty a few people accessible who’ve located it useful. The second piece of software, HDDtoGO, is a little more advanced. It allows you to easily transfer files to and from your systems. The features include No-Trace browsing for Internet Explorer and Firefox, Desktop, Documents, folder synchronization, and data compression. Data protection is also included with 256-bit AES encryption. Even favorites and emails can be synced through the HDDtoGO app.

Feature Highlights

  • Drop, Shock, Water, and Dust protection with better than IP68 ratings.
  • G-Shock sensor.
  • Up to 5TB Capacity.
  • Four color options.
  • Built-in groove for the detachable cable.
  • 3-Years Warranty.

Package and Accessories

The drive comes in a small box that displays the included drive through the front. That way, there’s no doubt what color of the drive is included. Other vital information such as capacity, product name, and feature highlights are displayed on the front too. That includes the military-grade shockproof feature as well as the IP68 water and dustproof features.

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