Best External Hard Drive for Gaming on Pc

1. WD_BLACK 8TB D10 Game Drive Portable hard drive compatible with Xbox, PC, Playstation, and Mac. Extra storage to capture and accumulate your quality in-screen game captures. Speed as much as 250 MB/s rated at 7200RPM with active cooling technology that will help you stay in your game. Features two 7.5W USB Type-A charging ports … Read more

Aegis Secure Key USB 3.0

Business customers find excessive-ability USB thumb drives to be fast, handy, and suitable for the private cloud. Protecting confidential data is crucial, here is a USB thumb drive that will do the job perfectly. With the large ability of USB thumb drives it is easy to put big amounts of sensitive data in an easily … Read more

History of Computer Data Storage

Punch Cards:  1890 Punch cards had been the first mechanical storage method. A punch card holds about 80 characters, so now not even a completely fleshed-out tweet ought to be healthy on one. The punch card dates returned to the 19th century when it was used to software mechanical devices inclusive of looms and participant pianos. … Read more

Top 10 USB Flash Drives

Keeping one or more best high speed USB flash drives around the house makes it very easy to store, transfer, or even backup your files. Keeping one or more best high speed USB drive around the house lets you speedy transfer large files from one computer to another, and additionally to printers, routers, or maybe … Read more

ADATA External Hard Drive Review

Today we’re taking a take a look at any other portable hard disk, this time from ADATA. The HD710 Pro is a strong piece of the system for the active man or woman on the cross. It doesn’t matter what you’re up to, you may convey all your records alongside and ensure that they’re stored … Read more

Sabrent Rocket Thunderbolt External SSD Review

The Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q 4TB is an excessive-overall performance external SSD drive like-minded with both Thunderbolt 3 and USB protocols. I begin with this because many users are shocked to learn that many Thunderbolt external hard drives aren’t like-minded with the USB protocol, despite connecting via a USB-C cable. That’s because people count on having … Read more

Seagate Backup Plus 5TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD Review

Is a 5TB External Hard Drive Worth it? The sleek and spacious Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Portable Drive offers a great value for cold storage and backup application for on-the-move digital content creators or desktop warriors alike. Is WD or Seagate Hard Drive Better? As you may see, Seagate Internal Hard Drive is a whole … Read more

What is Data Storage Devices and it’s Types?

In the beginning, when the computer getting existence in the world, the focus was on processing only. But with time, many other needs and facilities becomes the demand of the age, one of them was a memory.  There is a memory unit in the computer of today. But there are two flows in computer memory. First, … Read more

Best High Speed External Hard Drive

When looking for the best hard drive according to your needs, you want to make certain you get a device that may reliably and securely save your essential documents. Reliability is of the most significance right here, as you no longer need to shop for an external hard drive that fails on you making you … Read more

WD 8TB My Cloud Home Duo External Hard Drive

Add 8TB of USB 3.0 cloud storage to your Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device with the My Cloud Home 8TB 1-Bay Personal Cloud NAS Server from WD. The My Cloud Home gives a one-stop answer for saving digital content, backing up photos and movies on your cellular telephone, and wirelessly backing up and syncing … Read more