How To Make Bright Projector Screen

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Have you recently purchased a projector? Are you finding that the image is not as bright as you had hoped?

When you first begin to use a projector it may be difficult to get your set up properly as there are lots to think about however there is also a lot that may go wrong.

A number of things can be done if you discover your new or older projector isn’t working as well as it should.

In this guide, you can make your projector brighter quickly and easily!

How to Make The Projector Screen Brighter

The following tips will help you to make the projector screen brighter.


It is first and foremost the lighting in the room as well as the time of day that can make or break a projector.

Most people don’t realize that these are two of the biggest factors influencing a projector’s brightness.

If you’re planning to apply a projector all through the daylight you need to be aware of the amount of natural light that is shining into the space you’re using the projector.

Many people don’t realize that these two factors greatly influence a projector’s brightness.

If the space does not have curtains then it will be difficult to stop the light.

The exceptional time of day to use a projector is in the evening or at night.

This is due to the fact there could be very little to no natural light meaning the projected image will appear brighter and the excellent of the projected photo will also be better.

If you are in a meeting room we recommend that you turn all additional lighting off to benefit the brightness of the projector.

If the lighting is dimmable this could be the quality preference to ensure the individuals are not submerged in darkness.

Artificial lighting can effortlessly be adjusted whilst the use of a projector and also you have to continually alter these lights as the first port of call while suffering with the brightness of a projector.


The background that you are projecting the picture onto will even affect how vibrant the projected image may be.

It is pleasant to project images onto a flat, white surface as this kind of background will not intrude with the projected picture and will act as a super base.

If you are projecting a photo onto a darker-colored wall the colors from the projected photo can bleed into the darkness and the brightness is likewise absorbed by the dark background.

Although it’s miles possible to buy black projector screens that are manufactured specially to project pictures but a darkish-colored wall is not.

To get the maximum from your projector and to benefit from the brightness it could be worthwhile investing in the best quality projector display screen, mainly if you are the usage of the projector for professional activities.

If you are the usage of the projector for personal use you can hang a white mattress sheet and project the picture onto this as a background. While the photo quality may not be very clean the brightness might be desirable.

Clean The Projector Lens

If the brightness of your projector turned higher when you first bought it you could sincerely need to clean the projector lens.

As the lens is glass dust and dirt can regularly gather throughout the lens which in the long run affects the excellent brightness of the projected picture.

Use a clean microfibre cloth to scrub the lens. It is good to gently wipe the lens with a clean microfibre cloth before every use.

Turn Off Eco Mode

Some projectors will have an eco mode or power-saving mode.

This is whilst a projector operates the usage of a lower level of electricity than what it calls for whilst working at the machine maximum.

Operating your device in eco mode can affect the brightness and so by way of turning this setting off you may discover that the brightness of your projector may be immediately improved.

Adjust the Lumens

Expecting your projector has portable lumens we propose that you increase the lumen power on your projector.

The lumen tends to the wonder of the bulb inside the projector. Lower lumen projectors are only sensible for use in dark rooms and often require a decent quality projector screen.

By extending the lumens on your projector you will instantly see a difference in how bright the projected picture is.

If your projector doesn’t have adjustable lumens then this course of action, unfortunately, won’t work for your circumstance.

Projectors typically range from something like 1,500 lumens to 5,000 lumens in a projector.

To put it in a setting, direct sunlight can overpower a 4,000-lumen projector subsequently it shows that higher lumen projectors are basic for daytime use.

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Change The Bulb

Just like the bulbs in your own home subsequently want to be replaced that is also the case with projector bulbs.

For a few projectors, this is a very simple venture but for others, you may need a professional to help you.

Move The Projector Closer To The Screen

If a projector is too some distance from the floor or displays you are projecting onto then the picture quality and the brightness may be affected

By moving the projector closer to the display the image turns clearer and brighter but do be aware that this will also make the projected image smaller.

Final Thoughts

We wish that our troubleshooting solutions assist you and that you discover that through enforcing some of those recommendations you could notice a development in the brightness of your projector.

If you’re nonetheless struggling it may be profitable to sell your current projector and buy a projector that has better lumens so that you can off path give you a brighter projector.

It can be possible to buy a second-hand projector with better lumens so one can help to offset the initial cost however selling your present projector can even assist to cover this cost.

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