WD Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

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WD Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

WD Elements 2TB External Hard Drive by

The WD Elements is an excessive-ability, low-price portable drive, and it works everywhere. 

The WD Elements is a compact but excessive-capacity external storage device that may not dig a hollow in your pockets. 

The Good

The WD Elements Portable drive gives a huge quantity of storage space for an extremely low price. Its easy layout permits it to work well with computers, game consoles, and different sorts of hosts.

The Bad

You must pay more to use its included backup software after the introductory 30-day trial. The drive has no protection capabilities and includes a brief warranty of simply 12 months.

The Bottom Line

Though not the quickest on the market, the WD Elements’ big capability makes it a top-notch deal thinking about its low price.

The drive’s overall performance wasn’t as fast as its intended rival, the slightly extra-priced Seagate Expansion. Not only that, it includes a quick 1-year warranty, has no other added value such as protection, and consists of the most effective 30-day trial model of the WD SmartWare Pro backup software program.

However, like the Seagate, the WD Elements’ easy design permits it to work properly with each computer and video games consoles as either storage growth or a backup drive. That said, in case you’re seeking out an easy way to carry data around, or make bigger the storage of your Xbox One, the Elements is an incredible buy.

No Bells or Whistles

On the outside, the Elements looks much like the better-quit portable drives from WD, consisting of the WD My Passport Slim, with rounded corners and a smoothly completed surface. Measuring 4.4×3.2×0.8 inches the compact drive is small enough so that it will effortlessly tuck away in your pocket. Compared to the Seagate Expansion, it is slightly shorter and thicker, however standard it’s higher looking.

On the inside, but, it homes a low-strength preferred laptop hard drive that spins at just 5400RPM, slower than drives that spin at 7,200RPM. This typically translates to slower performance. The drive doesn’t carry encryption for safety, either, which means you shouldn’t put important data on it.

The Elements is preloaded with a free trial of the WD SmartWare Pro, for you to fee another $20 if you want to utilize it beyond its 30-day trial duration. Higher-end transportable drives from WD include the total version of this software program for free.

And out of the container, the Elements comes with a preferred foot-long Micro-USB 3.0 cable and nothing else. But you do not need anything else to make it work. Both, the drive is preformatted for Windows and could work right away whilst you plug it in. For a Mac, you may need to reformat it to HFS+. You can also format it to exFAT. File systems if you will need to apply it interchangeably between Windows and Mac computer systems.

Drive typeBus-powered portable hard drive
Connector optionsUSB 3.0, USB 2.0
Available capacities500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB
Internal drive speed5,400rpm
Capacity of review unit2TB
Dimensions4.4×3.2×0.8 inches (11.2×8.1×2.0cm)
Weight8.2 ounces (234.5 grams)
Software includedWD SmartWare Pro (trial)
OSes supported Windows XP or later; Mac OS 10.4 or later
Warranty1 year

Is WD Elements a Good Brand?

The WD Elements Portable drive is a splendid opportunity for the Seagate Expansion. While the 2 drives are very similar in most aspects, the Expansion is quicker however the Element is cheaper. Also, in my view, the Elements is barely higher-looking.

Is WD External Hard Drive Good?

It may be fashioned like a monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, however, our tests located that the WD My Book is the excellent external hard drive for the money. It offers hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption and WD Backup software, and it gives you 4TB of HDD space for about $100. Plus, capacities up to 18TB are available.

Bare-Bones Multipurpose Drive

The Elements’ lack of features may be an excellent thing. This sort of bare-bones design means the drive can work everywhere. A password-covered drive, as an example, will want its host to run a software program to permit you to type inside the password earlier than it may get connected. The Element doesn’t require anything from the host at all, apart from a USB port.

WD Elements 2TB External Hard Drive by

Apart from Windows and Mac computers, wherein the Elements worked without any troubles, I additionally tried it with a few non-pc hosts; it proved to be well-matched there as well. On an Xbox One, the drive became recognized without delay as soon as plugged, and once formatted through the game console, I ought to use it to save games, apps, and content material for playback. The Element additionally worked properly with routers and media network media players.


Since the Element homes a low-strength internal drive, I did not anticipate it to blow me away with its performance, but the drive did pretty well in checking out though. Via USB 3.0, it registered a sustained real-world copy speed of more than 95MBps for writing and extra than 100MBps for reading. However, these were a few 20MBps slower than the ones of the Seagate Expansion. But universal, these were average speeds for USB 3.0 portable drives, rapid enough for all packages that require external storage, consisting of movie playback, backup, and app storage.


The WD Elements Portable drive is a great alternative to the Seagate Expansion. While the two drives are very comparable in most factors, the Expansion is quicker but the Element is less expensive. Also, in my opinion, the Elements is barely higher-looking.

Ultimately, that is a fast, best-to-use, and versatile portable drive which can effortlessly upload lots of extra storage, no longer simply to computers but also game consoles and other varieties of USB-enabled hosts. If you don’t plan on the use of it to keep sensitive data, this is a great drive to pick out. On the opposite hand, if preserving your data secure from prying eyes in case of loss or theft is a big concern, every other drive, which includes the Seagate Backup Plus Slim or the WD My Passport Slim will fit your needs higher.

Personally, I’m definitely satisfied with the WD Elements Portable drive and have no issues recommending it to maximum people.

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